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BDT Day Tours

Black Diamond Tours offer various single-day ski and snowboard tours. Advanced bookings are essential as these tours book out well ahead of time. There is a minimum of 2 day booking for all day trips - a combination of day trips is possible.

The day tours fall into three broad categories:
  1. Powder Hunter Tours: these go to the best locations each day. The location of the tour on any given day will depend on the weather and snow conditions but may include the Niseko Back Bowls, Rusutsu, Kiroro, Sapporo Teine or Sapporo Kokusai. Includes off-piste and sidecountry terrain and may involve a little hiking. Advanced+ riders.
  2. Backcountry Tours: significant hiking/skinning required to get to the goods in backcountry areas near Niseko. Advanced+ riders.
  3. Private Day Tours: at resorts such as Niseko, Rusutsu, Kiroro, Sapporo Teine, Sapporo Kokusai and Kurodake.

PowderHunter Tour (Suited to Advanced+)



...and more powder!!!!!

This tour chases the best powder and conditions for the particular day with a variety of potential destinations that head to off-piste and resort side-country locations. You can book as an individual or group. 

The island of Hokkaido is battered with relentless light, dry snow from December to March every year but the challenge is knowing where to go each day. Factors like gate closures, variable weather, strong winds, poor visibility and distinct micro-climates mean that KNOWLEDGE IS POWDER! The PowderHunter offers you direct access to BDT's unrivalled experience. If the weather and snow are stable, the first option is to get into the Niseko Back Bowls, but if the winds are strong they’ll head to Rusutsu or Kiroro or Moiwa for incredible gladed powder skiing; if it’s not snowing in the Niseko area and BDTs need to take advantage of another weather pattern they’ll go a little further afield and over a mountain pass to Sapporo Kokusai or Teine Highland. The goal is heli-ski powder without the heli... or associated price tag.

Avalanche Safety Equipment: will be provided at no extra charge for all PowderHunter trips.

Lift Tickets: At the time of booking, BDTs will charge for lift tickets for all Powderhunter trips; however if on the trip date, they decide to ski within the Niseko area, guests will be asked to purchase their own ticket directly from the ski resort or use Niseko day passes you may already have. BDTs will refund 5,000yen/ticket at the end of the day (3,000 yen if you needed to rent avalanche equipment for this trip).

Tour Price
15,900Yen / person (without a lift ticket)
20,900Yen / person (including a lift ticket)
69,000 Yen / max group of 5 per guide (plus lift tickets)

One Day Guided Backcountry Tours (Suited to Advanced+)

Interested in getting away from the crowds and into Niseko's incredible backcountry? Black Diamond's certified guides will take you out of the resort for an experience you won't forget. They offer several different backcountry tours to suit your lung capacity and endurance. The location visited on any given day may depend on the group and weather and snow conditions. Below are a few options.

Backcountry gear such as avalanche transponder, shovel, probe, backpack, touring skis, skins, snowshoes etc are not included in the price of these tours however they can be rented from Black Diamond Tours.

Niseko 1 Day Backcountry Tour

Want to ski some of this....

..or maybe some of this...

..or even this tour now!

For a full day experience in the backcountry sign up for our 1 day trip.We will start the day by driving to Goshiki onsen before setting out on foot. Goshiki onsen is located at an elevation of 750 meters meaning that it does't take long to get above treeline. Expect to spend most of the day in open alpine terrain with incredible views of both the Sea of Japan & Pacific Ocean along with the Niseko range, Mount Yotei and surrounding valleys.

There is a wide selection of great lines in this area and peaks within reach include Iwaonupurri, Nihonupurri and Chisenupuri. If you're up to it we can even traverse the range bagging all 3 of these summits in one day.

Regardless of what we ski, we'll finish the day by skiing down to the beautiful Goshiki onsen located at the foot of our last run. Grab a beer from the nearest vending machine and allow your burning legs to relax in this natural hot spring.
Another twist on this trip is to start our day using the Niseko lift network, climbing the peak and then descending towards Goshiki onsen before strapping on the touring gear and earning our turns properly for the rest of the day. This does require a one ride Niseko lift pass but permits one top to bottom run with minimal effort before we get into the backcountry.

Note: As the best skiing terrain in this area is above treeline, it is best suited for travel on clear, sunny days. Under less favorable conditions we may adjust the destination to suit weather conditions.

17,900 Yen per person (including guiding & transport only) + avi gear rental 2,000 yen/day
Private 75,000 yen


Shiribestu 1 Day Backcountry Tour

Shiribetsu above Rusutsu.... need to be up for a walk...

...and the rewards...

Adjacent to nearby Rusutsu resort, Shiribetsu-dake (Mount Shiribetsu) offers a formidable backcountry challenge and some immaculate fall line skiing. Our day begins on the Western slopes of Shiribetsu (opposite side of the mountain from Rusutsu resort) as we ascend through the low angle slopes at the base of this extinct volcano.

After a relaxing opening the climb steepens but you will soon be rewarded with spectacular ridgeline views of the surrounding peaks including Mount Yotei and Niseko Annupurri. In general we spend about 2-3 hours on the first ascent before reaching the peak. We will lap up 2-3 (or more if you're up to it!!) runs on the upper mountain before beginning our final top to bottom descent offering a consistent pitch for the first 300+ meters before slowly mellowing out into a cruisy powder bowl. The run finishes in typical Hokkaido style as we wind through the trees and back to civilization.

17,900 Yen per person (including guiding & transport) + avi gear rental 2,000 Yen/day
Private 75,000 yen per day


Mt Yotei 1 Day Backcountry Tour Summit

Mt Yotei....'s a big hike...

...but the ski down is truly epic!

If you have been to Hokkaido there is a good chance that you have looked at Mt Yotei on more than one occasion and wondered "can you ski that mountain?"

Well the answer is yes and here is your opportunity to ski one of the most awe inspiring mountains in Japan.

This hike can take between 5 and 8 hours to reach the summit and will truly test your fitness.

Weather conditions need to be ideal for this trip to run, as visibility, wind and avalanche conditions are all major factors which may prevent us from being able to head up.

If you're interested please enquire below and BDTs will work with you to pick a day when summiting is realistic.

19,500 Yen per person (includes guiding and transport - minimum 3 people) + avi gear rental 2000/day

Private Tours

Most of the tours outlined below (with the exception of Kurodake) may be visited as part of a PowderHunter Tour, but if you definitely want to visit a particular area, you can pull together your own group and book a private tour.
Niseko Back Bowls Tour (Suited to Advanced+)

Great Untracked Powder

...and more untracked powder

..and more with a few trees

For those looking to access some of the steep and deep on offer at Niseko, this tour goes beyond the resort boundary ropes taking you into some of Niseko's pristine "Slackcountry". Sometimes a short walk may be required at the each end of a run however in general there is very little walking required as this is not a full-on backcountry tour. Most of the terrain is lift accessed with a traverse in/out of the run.


Rusutsu Guided (Suited to Advanced+)

Incredible tree skiing

Deep deep powder

this is a must do for powder hounds

Rusutsu is a little gem and perfect for powderhounds. A ski trip to Niseko would not be complete without at least one day to Rusutsu. If you have not ventured to Rusutsu before then a guided tour is highly recommended, otherwise you might find yourself wasting the first day finding only a couple of the great hidden treasures Rusutsu has to offer. Prepare yourself for one of the best days of skiing in your life!


Kokusai Guided (Suited to Advanced+)

Lift access.. fabulous terrain...

...and untracked powder

Sapporo Kokusai is a small local ski area located near Sapporo. Whilst the on-piste ski area itself is quite small, there is some incredibly diverse terrain located within the resort boundaries and just outside the resort.


Sapporo Teine (Suited to Strong Advanced+)

Spectacular views....

..some steep terrain...

...and ... untracked powder

This ski area is quite small yet it has some of the steepest pitches you will find in Japan. Sapporo Teine has some great off-piste and slackcountry terrain. It tends to be steep and is often confined by tight trees and chutes, so the side and backcountry is definitely for the strong advanced skier or boarder.


Kurodake (Suited to Advanced+)

Ropeway access....

..seriously steep terrain...

...for advanced+ riders

Kurodake is an active volcano consisting primarily of a ropeway (cable car). Skiing is all off-piste in the backcountry and finding the perfect line is made far more easier with BDT who have tackled this mountain many times. To get the most out of Kurodake, some walking is required but you will be rewarded with some of the steepest and longest powder runs in Hokkaido.

This trip is only available based on demand due to the distance from Niseko (4 hours). The price varies due to transport options and group sizes. Please enquire. This tour can also be added to other exciting ski areas such as Kamui Links, Asahidake, Furano and Teine.

Price on application.


Kiroro Guided (Suited to Advanced+)

Kiroro has great lifts....

..stacks of untracked powder...

...for all levels of ride

Located a stone's throw from Niseko (about 45 minutes), Kiroro is a relatively unknown Hokkaido resort but blessed with some of the most consistent powder conditions on the island. Positioned just off Hokkaido's west coast, Kiroro is the first resort to catch the good stuff from arriving Siberian storms. Rusutsu may offer a wider selection of gladed powder terrain while Kokusai and Teine are home to the steeps but Kiroro comes through with some of the most reliable snow conditions and a great selection of off-piste lines to keep you busy all day long.