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Epic Day at Chis!

Ian Stuck
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We went to The House Of Powder on the last day of our trip. I was hesitant to go after reading the PH review but I'm so glad we did!

There were 5 of us; 4 snowboarders, all strong intermediate with plenty of days spent off piste and riding powder, and my wife, an intermediate skier, new to off-piste skiing. 20cm of new snow overnight.

Okay, so you're not going to get the massive runs you get heli skiing in New Zealand and anyone who has skied at Chisenupuri when it was a ski resort knows it is not the most challenging terrain, but it is man is it fun!

We spent the first couple of runs riding under the old chair lifts and, once our guides Gavin and Charlie were happy with everyones competence we hit the trees. There were loads of pillows and natural features for us to jump off and we even found an old kicker that was covered in powder and put that to good use too. The trees to skiers right of the main cat track are spaced nicely and the pitch is pretty mellow so it made for some great high speed party runs with the crew. Closer to lunch we moved to the trees on a steeper section above the thermal pools which feed the onsen at the base. This area had more natural features to play with and was a heap off fun. My wife even skied backward off a pillow by accident which was gold! The stoke was high all day.

Later in the afternoon the sun started to warm the snow up so we headed to more densely treed areas. We got good snow all day. I think all up we scored 12 runs which is pretty decent. It's not a huge area they're using but with only 12 people on the mountain each day we were finding fresh lines right up to the end.

A few other points; The cats are almost new and its a comfy ride for 12. It was a fine sunny day when we were there So Clayton fired up a 2nd cat with an open box on the back and we did a few laps back up the hill on that which was sick. The guides were pretty laid back but very safety conscious, I think they nailed the balance perfectly. Lunch at the restaurant at the base was good japanese food.

I'm pretty certain we'll be back!!