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Phenomenal JAPOW

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It's all about earning your turns More deep powder than we had ever skied before The accommodation was generally simple but adequate We visited some great authentic restaurants & bars Oh and did we mention the powder!

The Powderhounds had an absolute ball out on tour with Journey Into Japan. The road trip headed to great destinations with phenomenal powder; some of it super deep. And it was great to get off the well-beaten path of Hokkaido skiing and enjoy some culture, amazing food, and lovely onsen soaks.
We’re generally not the most avid backcountry skiers (unless it’s cat skiing or heli skiing) for more than a day at a time, but we scored some amazing rewards for our touring efforts and it was ooooh soooo worth skinning up the hill to ski that amazing Japow!
We cannot recommend this tour enough – it was such a great experience. Get on the cross-trainer and start training now!

Professionalism:Admin was all well organised pre-trip and once on the road, the JIJ team worked very cohesively and professionally together and shared information to ensure we got the best out of the trip.

Lodging: We stayed in 4 different types of lodging. Two of the accommodations had shared bathrooms which is not our preferred type of lodging, but it was very adequate considering the cost of the tour.

Guiding: Across the tour we were guided or interacted with 3 guides who were all very different and all brought their own strengths to the company: incredible experience; Japanese cultural bridging; and charisma and attentiveness to clients. Our primary guide was an incredibly experienced mountaineer and his awareness of terrain and route finding was exceptional.

Destinations: An amazing strength of this tour was the variety of destinations visited, the great terrain, the awesome Central Hokkaido powder, and the cultural experiences.