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Telluride Helitrax - Day Heli Skiing - Reviews

Stunning scenery but thrill seekers should look elsewhere

Martin Capps
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March 2015 was an exceptionally mild month so I had some concerns about the day's heli package I had booked with Helitrax. Fortunately I was very lucky as a small storm swept through on the Wednesday and we were the first out on the Friday.
The day starts with a safety briefing around 9am followed by a practice session outside with the beacons.
Clients are divided into groups of 4 with one guide each based on ability. On our day I think there were 4 groups of 4 out in the same area using the one helicopter.

Groups are matched by ability if you're going solo as I was.
The package includes 6 runs, lunch and a beer on the terrace after for $1250.Extra runs at $150 a pop.

Our guide was Matt,v friendly as are all Americans with one notable exception, as well as being exceedingly professional. He also is renowned for his witty one liners !

I would describe the terrain as intermediate. From the heli drop off the run could be broken down into 3 sections.
A short steepish start eg a wide couloir, Open powder field, Run out to pick up. 
As with all guiding the run is broken down into sections to regroup. This coupled with the terrain means the buzz factor isn't very high. The powder field sections were the most fun but while I'm happy to make pretty s tracks once, as a boarder I don't really care and would much rather straight line these sections at high speed. This meant I either had to reign my neck in or overtake everyone. There were also no opportunities for any drops.

Here in lies the rub. For that kind of money I want a massive adrenaline rush but understandably the company has a duty of care and responsibilities to all its clients. If one person gets injured it will ruin the day for everyone else and won't do their reputation any good.

In conclusion if you have the cash do it. You get flown around in a helicopter in stunning scenery for goodness sake ! I don't regret going for a second but I won't go again.

As a footnote I'm a bit sceptical on ability levels. In my view expert should mean you can land big drops and backflips !

Get High in Telluride

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Helitrax offers the reasonably unique opportunity to go heli skiing straight from a beautiful ski resort. Unlike their Colorado counterparts, Helitrax is a very polished operation providing a highly organised and luxurious heli skiing experience. Their emphasis on the safety aspects of heli skiing is also impressive.

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