Asahidake accommodation consists of several hotels and a youth hostel, which form the village of Asahidake Onsen. The accommodations are dotted along the road which snakes down from the Asahidake ropeway station. The Asahidake hotels and hostel are not ski-out but you can probably ski-in (remembering of course that skiing on the road in Japan is very much frowned upon!), and all are within a 5-10 minute walk of the Asahidake ski area.

Asahidake Hotels The Grand Hotel Daisetsu is a reasonably priced Asahidake hotel, with a choice of either western rooms or Japanese style rooms with futons on the tatami floor. Some of the rooms have an ensuite bathroom, whilst others rely on a shared bathroom. The hotel is 1.5km down the road from the Asahidake Ropeway. Like the other Asahidake hotels, it has an onsen onsite, although it’s not a particularly fancy onsen.  

La Vista Daisetsuzan is a delightful upscale hotel in Asahidake Onsen, located only 700 metres from the ropeway building. This stylish yet rustic hotel has large rooms with ensuite, gorgeous indoor and outdoor onsens, a restaurant, lounge bar, day spa, and a shuttle bus service to drop guests at the ropeway station. The hotel also provides a free transport service from Asahikawa Airport, Asahikawa train station or Sapporo (pre-booking required). La Vista Daisetsuzan lends out cross-country skis and snowshoes to guests.

The Asahidake Manseikaku Hotel Bearmonte is very close to the ropeway, only about 100-150 metres away. This hotel provides European style accommodation and facilities include indoor and outdoor onsens (hot springs), restaurant, bar lounge, an equipment rental shop, and a free shuttle service from the Asahikawa or Sapporo train stations.

Another option is the Yomoto Yukamanso which is a traditional Japanese Ryokan offering Japanese-style rooms and hot springs.

La Vista Daisetsuzan
4-star hotel with double/twin & triple western-style rooms. Superb indoor & outdoor onsen/hot springs. French & Japanese cuisine. Breakfast & dinner included in rates. Free pickup from Sapporo by appointment....
Manseikaku Hotel Bear Monte
Manseikaku Hotel Bear Monte
3 star hotel with western style rooms & private bathrooms. Superb indoor/outdoor hot springs, 150m from ropeway. Free shuttle from Sapporo, Asahikawa & Furano....
Manseikaku Deer Valley
Manseikaku Hotel Deer Valley
3 star hotel located 1.3km from Asahidake ropeway. Western style rooms with private ensuites. Use of Bear Monte facilities. Free shuttle available from Asahikawa and Sapporo..
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Asahidake Youth Hostel The Daisetsuzan Shirakaba-so Youth Hostel is a good pick for economical Asahidake accommodation. It is located a few minutes (walk or ski) down the road from the cable car, and approximately 10 minutes walk up. Shirakaba-so has two room types available; shared (4 bed dorms - bunks) and spacious Japanese private rooms (single or double). All rooms are very clean, quiet and utilise shared toilet facilities (there are no western showers available). You won’t mind though as the bathing facilities are the onsens which include the fabulous outdoor onsens (rotemburo) that are surrounded by snow and finished in natural stone.

The hostel has a superb observation tower for viewing the volcano and surrounding forest, a large ski room, storage facilities, and a small lounge. A log cabin is attached to the hostel and is available for exclusive use (may be booked as accommodation for up to 10 people) or may be used as a lounge area if not otherwise occupied.

Breakfast, dinner and taxes are included in the rates. If self catering, the cost is a little less. A basic hotplate is available for self-caterers (there is no access to the main kitchen!). 

Other Asahidake Accommodation Options The other alternative if skiing at Asahidake is to stay in Asahikawa about 1 hour away, or in Furano which is 50 minutes drive away. See the Asahikawa hotels and Furano accommodation pages for information on lodging options.

The advantage of staying in Asahikawa or Furano, particularly if you’ve got a rental car, is that you can also sample other ski areas and hunt down the best powder conditions on any given day. Another major benefit of staying in Asahikawa or Furano is the range of restaurants and nightlife options, as well as non-skiing activities. The obvious downside is the daily commute to get to Asahidake.

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