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Other Asahidake Accommodation Options

Considering the lack of evening activities at Asahidake, and the frequent blizzards in the height of winter that can close the ropeway, some people prefer to stay in Asahikawa (47km from Asahidake) or Furano (71km from Asahidake) and do day trips to Asahidake when the weather is ideal. See the Asahikawa hotels and Furano accommodation pages for information on lodging options.

The advantage of staying in Asahikawa or Furano, particularly if you’ve got a rental car (or are on a multi-resort tour), is that you can also sample other ski areas and hunt down the best powder conditions on any given day. Another major benefit of staying in Asahikawa or Furano is the range of restaurants and nightlife options, as well as non-skiing activities. The obvious downside is the commute required to get to Asahidake.

Asahidake Accommodation

Asahidake accommodation consists of several hotels and a youth hostel, which form the “village” of Asahidake Onsen. Enter your dates to look at available options for accommodation in Asahidake Japan. The lodgings are dotted along the road which snakes down from the Asahidake ropeway station. The Asahidake hotels are not ski-in ski-out and are within a 3-10 minute walk of the ski area. If you don’t have a car, some of the hotels offer shuttles to and from the ski area.

Asahidake Onsen is really a collection of hotels rather than a village per se with restaurants and shops, so if your hotel doesn’t offer half board packages with breakfast and dinner, you’ll want to ensure you pre-reserve dinner with your hotel.

It’s not called Asahidake Onsen for nothing and all the lodgings have hot spring baths (onsen).
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Asahidake Yumoto Yukomanso


Japanese tatami rooms & western rooms
Standard: 4 stars Overview
Asahidake Yumoto Yukomanso is an older style Japanese ryokan. Western twin rooms & Japanese twin & triple rooms with private bathroom. Also Japanese rooms for 4-5 guests that use shared bathrooms (including onsen baths). 1.1km from the Asahidake Ropeway (shuttles available).
Key facilities & amenities
  • Communal lounge
  • English speaking staff
  • Half board package
  • Indoor & outdoor onsen baths
  • Shuttles to/from ski area
Grand Hotel Daisetsu


Japanese & western style rooms
Standard: 3 stars Overview
Grand Hotel Daisetsu is a reasonably priced Asahidake hotel, with western rooms with shared bathroom or Japanese style tatami rooms (up to 4 futons) with ensuite bathroom. The hotel is 1.5km down the road from the Asahidake Ropeway. Simple onsen onsite.
Key facilities & amenities
  • Airport shuttle can be arranged
  • Japanese breakfast
  • Lovely views
  • Onsen baths: indoor & outdoor
  • Traditional multi-course dinner (requires pre-reservation)
Hotel Bear Monte


Western & Japanese hotel rooms
Standard: 4 stars Overview
Asahidake Onsen Hotel Bear Monte is 170m from the Asahidake Ropeway. Western rooms (some with loft) for up to 4 guests or Japanese tatami rooms for up to 4 guests; all with private ensuite bathroom. Hotel can arrange taxis from airports & Asahikawa train station.
Key facilities & amenities
  • Buffet breakfast, dinner: half board package
  • Indoor and outdoor hot springs
  • Massage chairs, sauna
  • Private onsen bath with reservation
  • Ski equipment rentals
Hotel Deer Valley


Onsen baths onsite
Standard: 3 stars Overview
Hotel Deer Valley in Asahidake Onsen has large western twin rooms & western/Japanese combo rooms; all with ensuite bathroom. 1.2km from ski area. Onsen baths onsite & guests can also use the Hotel Bear Monte facilities. Hotel can arrange taxis from airports & Asahikawa train station.
Key facilities & amenities
  • Airport/train station shuttle can be arranged
  • Communal lounge area with fireplace
  • Free wifi in the lobby
  • Half board package: buffet breakfast & dinner
  • Lovely views from the dining room
La Vista Daisetsuzan


Beautiful public onsen baths & private onsens
Standard: 4 stars Overview
La Vista Daisetsuzan is 700m from ropeway (shuttles available). This stylish rustic hotel has large western rooms (twin, triple) & Japanese/western combo rooms; all with ensuite bathroom. Gorgeous indoor & outdoor onsens, day spa, lounge bar & restaurants. Free shuttle from Asahikawa train station.
Key facilities & amenities
  • 3 private onsen baths available
  • Breakfast buffet, ramen supper
  • Japanese set menu dinner or French restaurant (with reservation)
  • Lounge bar
  • Massage services, sauna
Daisetsuzan Shirakaba-so Youth Hostel


Dorm or private rooms
Standard: 1 star Overview
Daisetsuzan Shirakaba-so Youth Hostel is a good pick for economical Asahidake accommodation. 550m to Asahidake ski area. Japanese private rooms & 4 bed dorm rooms; all utilise shared bathing facilities which include onsen baths (rotemburo). Lovely views from the dining room.
Key facilities & amenities
  • Breakfast available
  • Communal area(s)
  • Hot springs/Onsen
  • Laundry facilities
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