Ski Insurance

If you are going on a ski holiday whether it be as a domestic or international traveller, it is highly recommended that you take out special ski insurance.

Most general travel policies don't cover you for situations that might occur whilst skiing. For example, it can cost many thousands of dollars to be moved from a ski resort to a nearby hospital in the event of an accident that would not normally be covered under a general insurance policy.

As a minimum, your policy should cover medical, rescue, liability, cancellation, delayed travel and loss of luggage and personal effects.

It is also important to note that most ski insurance policies don't cover the following:
  • off-piste skiing,
  • heliskiing
  • catskiing
  • extreme skiing and hucking off cliffs within a resort
  • parachuting / skydiving
  • hang-gliding and basically any airborne device that is not a licensed passenger aircraft
Often the operators of these businesses will have their own insurance policies. It is essential that you check this out before undertaking any of these high-risk activities. The reason that they are not covered by insurance companies is because they are high risk and can be very expensive to cover in the event of an accident - don't leave it to chance!

Ski Travel Insurers
World Nomads
World Nomads is one of the world's leading travel insurers and provides specialised ski travel insurance.

Based on our comparisons of various ski travel insurance policies, we have found the World Nomad's product to be the most competitive for short single trips. Another advantage with World Nomads is you can buy, extend and claim online, even while travelling. They also offer an very good trip cancellation policy in the event of a tour operator having to cancel due to adverse weather / dangerous snow conditions.

Their ski insurance policy does cover for off-piste or backcountry skiing including heli skiing and cat skiing but read the fine print!