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Grandeco Accommodation

Inawashiro Accommodation

Minowa Ski Resort Accommodation

AIZU Region Accommodation

The Aizu area includes various ski resorts near the front of Mt Bandai (Inawashiro), Urabandai (back of Mt Bandai) and Mt Adatara. Some of the Aizu accommodation is located at the Aizu ski resorts in ski-in ski-out positions, whilst others are further from the slopes and are accessible via car or a hotel shuttle service.

Urabandai Accommodation

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Donaludo Pension


Simple rooms, shared bathrooms
Standard: 2 stars Urabandai
Donaludo Pension is really charming and offers twin/triple western rooms that utilise shared bathrooms. 7km to Nekoma Ski Resort, 9km to Grandeco Resort. Guest lounge & half board packages available (breakfast & dinner).
Key facilities & amenities
  • Guest lounge, karaoke
  • Half board available (breakfast & dinner)
  • Parking
  • Ski/snowboard storage
  • Wifi
Hotel de Premiere Minowa


Minowa Ski Resort
Standard: 4 stars Minowa
Hotel de Premiere Minowa is a deluxe hotel with good sized western rooms ranging from twin rooms up to suites for 6 guests; all with ensuite bathroom. The Minowa hotel has indoor and outdoor onsen baths. 2 restaurants on-site (reservations required).
Key facilities & amenities
  • Gift shop, wifi in lobby
  • Guest lounge
  • Onsen: indoor & outdoor baths, sauna
  • Shuttle service
  • Ski/snowboard storage, equipment rentals, lift passes
Hotel Listel Inawashiro Honkan


Ski-in/out at Listel Ski Fantasia
Standard: 3 stars Inawashiro
Hotel Listel Inawashiro Honkan is ski-in ski-out at Listel Ski Fantasia, a small ski area with a good kids snow park. Studio apartments with 2 sofas & 2 futons, or twin beds plus sofa for 3rd guest. All units have kitchenette & ensuite bathroom. Access to amenities in new hotel wing.
Key facilities & amenities
  • Day spa, gymnasium
  • Gift shop, ski/snowboard rentals
  • Parking, wifi
  • Restaurant (a la carte & buffet) and bar
  • Swimming pool, hot tubs, sauna
Hotel Listel Inawashiro Wing Tower


Ski-in/out at Listel Ski Fantasia
Standard: 4 stars Inawashiro
Hotel Listel Inawashiro Wing Tower is ski-in/out at Listel Ski Fantasia, a small ski area with a kids snow park. Lots of amenities including pools, hot tubs, sauna, day spa, & gym. Free shuttles to/from nearby ski resorts: Alts Bandai; GranDeco; & Inawashiro. Various restaurants & a pub.
Key facilities & amenities
  • Day spa, gym
  • Onsen, jacuzzi, pools, sauna
  • Restaurants & pub
  • Shuttles to/from Inawashiro train station
  • Ski rentals, some English speaking staff
Hotelli aalto


All inclusive packages
Standard: 4 stars Urabandai
Hotelli aalto is a luxurious renovated traditional Japanese mountain villa/hotel. Gorgeous western twin & king rooms, western/Japanese combo twin/triple/quad rooms; all with ensuite bathrooms, or use the onsen for bathing. Half board packages with breakfast, dinner & wines, sake, & spirits included. 8km to Grandeco and Nekoma ski resorts.
Key facilities & amenities
  • Authentic Japanese breakfast, east/west fusion dinner
  • Drinks included with dinner
  • Guest lounge, non-smoking property
  • Onsen, massage services
  • Transfers b/n hotel and Inawashiro train station
Inawashiro Shikinosato


Western or Japanese rooms
Standard: 3 stars Inawashiro
Inawashiro Shikinosato is located 850m from Inawashiro ski area with free shuttles provided. Twin western rooms & Japanese tatami rooms for up to 3-4 guests. Communal bathing in the onsen. Half board packages available (Japanese breakfast & dinner)
Key facilities & amenities
  • Half board packages available
  • Japanese breakfast
  • Japanese dinner
  • Onsen
  • Ski rentals, parking, wifi


Near Inawashiro Ski Resort
Standard: 4 stars Inawashiro
Seifutei is an exquisite boutique ryokan located 1.5km from Inawashiro Ski Resort. Japanese/western combo rooms with tatami flooring and Japanese décor and western beds, that have a private outdoor onsen bath. Half board packages with traditional kaiseki multi-course dinner and Japanese breakfast.
Key facilities & amenities
  • A couple of staff speak English
  • Guest lounge
  • Half board packages
  • Private open air onsen, massage chair
  • Transfers to/from train station
Urabandai Grandeco Tokyu Hotel


Upscale hotel, ski-in ski-out
Standard: 4 stars Grandeco
Urabandai Grandeco Tokyu Hotel is ski-in ski-out to Grandeco Ski Resort via a connecting run (5-10 min walk to day lodge or free shuttles b/n hotel & base lodge). Deluxe western twin rooms (some can sleep 1-2 guests on sofa beds) & luxury suites; all with ensuite bathroom.
Key facilities & amenities
  • 2 restaurants: Japanese and Western cuisine
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Free shuttle to/from Inawashiro train station
  • Onsen, sauna, swimming pool, hot tub
  • Ski/snowboard storage, rentals, lift ticket sales
Urabandai Lake Resort


Gorgeous onsen
Standard: 4 stars Urabandai
Urabandai Lake Resort is a lovely hotel with a beautiful onsen (indoor & outdoor baths). Large western twin/triple & queen rooms and suites; all with ensuite bathroom. Deluxe rooms in the new wing. Or Japanese tatami rooms for up to 5 futons (no bathroom). 4.5km to Nekoma Ski Resort.
Key facilities & amenities
  • 3 restaurants: buffet, Japanese, French & cafe & bar
  • Free shuttle to/from Inawashiro train station
  • Gift shop, equipment rentals, lockers
  • Onsen, sauna, massages available
  • Some staff speak English
Villa Inawashiro


Opposite Inawashiro Ski Resort
Standard: 3 stars Inawashiro
Villa Inawashiro is a ryokan just across the road from the Inawashiro Ski Resort. Western twin rooms with ensuite bathroom and Japanese tatami rooms. Onsen onsite & guest lounge for chilling out. Half board packages available.
Key facilities & amenities
  • Guest lounge, wifi, karaoke
  • Half board packages available
  • Onsen, massages available
  • Shuttles to/from Inawashiro trains station
  • Ski/snowboard rentals
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