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Amazing terrain Easy to find fresh powder Awesome trees Powder on-piste - no moguls today
We’ve rated Hakkaisan Ski Resort as one of the best ski areas in Japan for powder hounds. It has amazing strengths such as steep terrain, great fall line, a variety of trees, and some super gnarly terrain. It’s a ski area that’s somewhat topograhically blessed and has a nice ropeway to accompany it. You might have to be a bit patient to hit it just right, when the powder is at its best because the ski area doesn’t have the most favourable aspect.

Like a lot of Honshu ski resorts (and definitely Prince Resorts), off-piste riding is banned but they go one better (actually worse) and ban backcountry riding too. You have to be careful not to get in hot water with the patrollers, but the upside is that there isn’t much competition to ride the fresh powder.

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