Kiroro Ski and Snowboard Shopping The main Kiroro ski and snowboard shop is the Vainqueur Pro Shop. This is a pretty good store that stocks some high end gear as well as more affordable brands. Outerwear brands include SOS and Peak Performance, and they have a huge range of ski and snowboard accessories such as POC helmets and goggles. Unlike many Japanese ski resorts, Kiroro also sells hardwear and the shop has a decent range of skis, snowboards, boots and bindings. 

There’s also a shop inside The Kiroro Tribute Hotel that sells some basic ski and snowboard accessories.

Souvenir & General Shopping The Mountain Hotel (The Sheraton) has one small shop that opens in the evening, selling various souvenirs, souvenir type confectionary, general snacks, and beverages including the alcoholic type. They sell lots of Otaru glassware trinkets such as figurines and jewellery, and some really hideous wood carvings.

The Resort Centre has the Center Shop which sells a range of snacks, drinks, hot items such as pork buns, and a few general sundries.

The main Kiroro shopping can be found down at The Kiroro Tribute Hotel and the adjoining Kiroro Town, a small promenade of shops and restaurants. The “market” has a large souvenir shop that sells Kiroro souvenirs, Otaru glassware, general Japanese kitsch souvenirs, and an abundance of impractical knick-knacks.

The Hokkaido Speciality Corner sells a large range of Japanese food with a focus on produce from Hokkaido and Otaru. The food is intended to be purchased as a souvenir or gift, yet some of the foodstuffs are perishable or frozen, so I’m a little unclear as to how even the Japanese tourists get the crab home with them?!

Grocery Shopping Whilst there are snacks, basic beverages, and a few sundries available at the Kiroro shops, there is no specific grocery store. If you need medications, nappies or other groceries, you’ll need to BYO.